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So, um...this is just a random little ficlet I wrote today because an RP voice was being insistent. It's totally, completely RP-based, and I doubt there will be follow-ups. It doesn't even have a proper title.

So here you go: Ronon/The Tenth Doctor, R-ish? Something like that.

“I want to suck you,” he says simply, because it’s simple. He wants to suck the Doctor. It’s as easy as that, as simple as that. Desire and fulfillment, and that’s something Ronon can understand. Desire and fulfillment. Or desire and denial, and he’s had much more experience with that.

But not with the Doctor.

Because when he says, “I want to suck you,” the Doctor smiles and says, “Go ahead, then,” and Ronon doesn’t know if it’s amusement or fondness or something else entirely in the Doctor’s smile, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s simpler than that.

He just wants to suck the Doctor, taste the Doctor, feel the Doctor in his mouth, hear the Doctor say his name, breathe out words of encouragement. He wants to look up and see the Doctor watching him, touching his face, his lips, his hair.

It doesn’t matter how many times he warns the Doctor about sliding fingers into his hair, the Doctor still does it, so he’s stopped warning. And someday, if the Doctor’s skin catches on a sharp blade, Ronon will clean and dress the cut, and the Doctor will thank him and smile at him in amusement or fondness or something else entirely.

It’s simple. He likes that.
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