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2012-07-09 02:12 pm
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69 Love Songs

Wow, I haven't written fic since January...

Anyhow, I was driving across Washington State today, and I had an idea for a fic based on a song from The Magnetic Fields album 69 Love Songs. And then I thought, maybe other people might be inspired by this, and wouldn't that make a good fic challenge?

So here it is. There are, as the title suggests, 69 songs on this album, all based on the theme of love. Some of them are sweet. Some of them are sad. Some of them are silly. I'm posting here the titles of the songs; the lyrics to all of them are available here. Feel free to use the title or the lyrics or even just the sound of the song if you know it as inspiration. (Most, if not all, of the songs are likely available in some form on YouTube...)

All pairings and fandoms are accepted. Just post a link to your finished fic once you're done along with the song it was inspired by. Obviously the goal is to have at least one fic for each song, but if you're inspired by a song someone has already written for, go for it! The more, the merrier, as they say.

69 Titles )

You can also view the challenge here on AO3. If you post your fics for the challenge there, please post them to the collection!
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2010-04-28 12:31 pm

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50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

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2010-04-22 06:33 pm

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After two and half years, I've finally had an idea for another fic challenge. So here it is.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

It works like so:

I'm leaving a list of 50+ prompts here, ways (or reasons) to leave your lover. If one of them strikes your fancy, claim it, and I'll take it off the list. You have until a month after you claim your prompt to post your fic, after which, if the fic isn't posted and you haven't let me know it will be late, I'll release the prompt again.

The challenge is multifandom, so you can write for any pairing you like. The only stipulations are that at some point in the story, someone must leave their lover, and all fics must be at least 500 words. There is no maximum length. Feel free to write a novel if you so desire.

Once you've finished your fic, leave a comment here with the link to where it can be found. Once people start finishing their fics, I'll post a master list to be updated as more fics are posted. If you finish one story, and you'd like to claim another prompt, feel free! But you may only have one open prompt at a time.

The challenge will continue until we have 50 stories.

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If you have an idea for more prompts to add to the list, please leave them here. Also, please, please, please pimp this challenge out. I can only advertise in the fandoms I'm in, but I'd love to get it out to more than just that
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2007-12-30 01:14 pm

Germination Period (NC-17)

Title: Germination Period
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Lorne/Parrish
Word Count: 1224
Warning: adult content
Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me...sadly
Feedback: yes, please.
Summary: The sex pollen takes a while to kick in, but it gets there in the end.
A/N: For the [ profile] lorne_porn smutmas challenge. Prompt was ‘germination period’…oh, and accent porn, which I kind of, but not really, got in there too.

Germination Period )
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2007-09-17 11:17 am
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There has been way more interest in my song lyric challenge idea than I had anticipated. So yay for that! It looks like the biggest issue that might prevent people from participating is the deadline, so I'm just putting up this poll to get an idea of what deadlines would work for the most people.

True confessions here, I write really, really quickly, so I have a kind of skewed perspective on when deadlines should be. So if I put a date on there that makes you go "What is she thinking?" that's probably why.

[Poll #1056740]

I'd rather not put it out as far as December, but I can if that's what works for people. And I realize NaNoWriMo might be a problem for some people to have a November deadline. I'm just trying to find what would work for the most people.

Thanks, everyone!

Edit: to view the original poll and challenge description (such as it is), go here.
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2007-09-13 10:41 am
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(no subject)

Okay, I had this odd-ish idea for a fic exchange or challenge in which, instead of a prompt, you're given a line from a song. Kind of like [ profile] ana_grrl's Random Title Generator challenge. I'm leaning towards a fic exchange, but a challenge might be a bit easier to handle.

I've never run one of these things before, so I thought I'd throw out feelers to see who might be interested. It would be lovely if you could help me out a bit with this. Just take a minute to answer the poll questions here.

This would most likely be a multi-fandom challenge, but since I only write in Torchwood and SGA, I'd need some help pimping it as well.

[Poll #1054801]

And, because I forgot to add it to the poll, comment here if you'd be willing to help pimp this to other fandoms.